K8 Point_



What the visitor sees when coming in K8 is the green entrance and garden which emphasizes in metal and wood, the hanging swings and the colors which the enchase the neighborhood elements.

An exquisite rotonda and at its center an olive tree.

Two large abbey tables at its right and left side, calling the visitors to become a big company. On the contrary if you want some “privacy” the bar stools and the iron curved bar is what you want.

Ground Floor


Entering its interior and behind the glass wall, is the live stages, the bar and two staircases.

The first leads to a lounge deck were also the DJ is located, while the other loads to a second bar where exhibitions and private parties are hosted under the glass roof.

The 11-meter-high, moving metal contraction behind the bar, the neon lights, the street art graffities on the wales by Fro, confirm the study goal to create alternative sides of constructive design.

K8 point has embraced the natural space of the neighborhood where the urban landscapes visible all around.

Prive Area


A small staircase leads to the loft with lounge lounges and the Dj deck.

If you have a more prive mood, here you can enjoy a drink overlooking the rest K8.

Small groups (up to 50 people) can have their own space at their parties



On the first floor, this is the place we call “Gallery”.

A second bar, terrace overlooking the ground floor, under glass roof, large terrace with view to our courtyard, are what impress.

Occasional exhibitions, book presentations, privet parties and other kinds of events are hosted here.

Αν το επιθυμείτε μπορείτε να φτάσετε εδώ και από την εξωτερική μας σκάλα, περνώντας από την ρομαντική μας γεφυρούλα.